Saturday, April 17, 2010

Let the Ecolympic Games Begin!

And they're off!
Go Ecolympians go!

On such a cold, dreary day, I would have loved a long, hot
shower. But because I signed up for Power Shower, I had
to keep it short. I didn't set any records, but it was
certainly shorter than if I hadn't signed up for
the event. It's funny what a little awareness
will do. Or won't do: I forgot to turn off the
living room lights before going in... but I turned them off
when I got out.

Because I signed up for Unpluggit, I finally unplugged my
printer this morning. I suppose I should be unplugging my
modem overnight...? Hmmm. I also unplugged the coffee
maker after it finished brewing this morning (I poured
the second cup into a thermos). It has a clock and a little
light on it that I don't need and simply drains power. I
started doing that about two months
ago, when the Ecolympics were in the planning stages.

I also signed up for Eat Local and I haven't yet figured out
how to do that. But I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight
at the Cambridge Brewing Company, which, I just found out,
specializes in local food.

I'm happy to report my three Toothbrush Blitzes
today have each been successful. I'm not sure if I'm
doing another load of laundry this week, but on Tuesday
I did a load in cold water and then dried them overnight
with Nothing But Air. (So, if I signed up for the event but
didn't actually do it during the week, I guess I can't claim
the points? Darn...)

Tomorrow I guess I'm walking to the grocery store with
my re-usable bags for some organics!

How are you doing? If you want a guest blog entry,
send it to me ( and I'll post it. Or just
write on our Facebook wall.

Good luck!

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