Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who Are the Ecolympians?

If you were following our Facebook group, you know that we
had more than 200 participants for the Ecolympics!
(210 to be exact!)

We relied on classroom announcements and emailings to
student groups and in under a month we were able to
attract 210 people to modify their behavior and reduce
their impact on the environment for a week. Pretty good!
Thanks for being part of it.

Most of those 210 participants -- most of you -- are
undergraduates here at Boston University but we also
signed up at least two grad students and thirteen faculty!

In addition, we had a strong "Beyond BU" contingent,
represented by participants from Brown University, MIT,
the University of Florida, Centennial High School as
well as five people in Canada and one person in Germany!
Thanks for your support!

We're pleased with our kick-off and we're now waiting
for everyone to submit their points so that we can award
the prizes. (The photo contest judging is occurring as
we speak.)

Alex and I, as co-chairs of the organizing committee
are also wondering how to make the Ecolympics bigger
and better for next year. We'd love to get your feedback.
Tell us about your Ecolympics experience. Tell us
also if you're continuing the Ecolympics spirit.
You can always email us at ecolympics "at"

To be honest, next year we're hoping for ten times
more participants! All it would take would be for
each of us to challenge ten of our friends.
As Michael Pollan writes in the New York Times this
week, it would be like a chain reaction: the more
awareness that is raised, the more people will want
to do it and become involved. Well, that's the hope.

The slogan for the International Year of Biodiversity
is: Biodiversity is life. Biodiversity is our life.

Here at the Ecolympics we've been saying It's
our environment, it's our planet and we're all
competing for Team Earth.

Stay tuned for further posts about the prizes and
additional information about the International
Year of Biodiversity and more!


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